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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

Richard Lane, Former Lutheran, describes himself as a passive Lutheran for 19 years - said his mother took him to a Lutheran Church every weekend, while he was "kicking and screaming". He prayed for a woman of faith and God answered his prayers. He converted to the Catholic Church April 19, 2003 and is now a Catholic Lay Evangelist who travels throughout the country presenting at parish missions, retreats, workshops

Richard's Testimony Summary. Left click on blue text for viewing. 26 Min

Email from Sue of Anaheim: As a Catholic since birth, sometimes I'm uncertain how best to communicate my beliefs to those who are not religious. How can I be a witness of truth to the secular world? Left click on blue. 5 Min

Email from Judy of Baltimore:I've been on a journey for several years. My difficulty comes from being able to accept Catholic teachings academically, but I have a hard time believing them with my heart. Can Richard give me any ideas how to move forward with my faith journey? 6Min

Email from Heidi of TN: Richard mentioned that Mary was conceived without sin ut Mary calls God her Savior in Luke. How can she be sinless and still have God as her Savior? 4 Min

Email from Rose of Missouri: I work in my Catholic parish and am concerned because many people who were raised Catholic are now involved in Evangelical denominations. Why are they leaving and how can we keep them Catholic? 4.4 Min

Email fromJohn of Erie, PA: I wasn't raised with much religious upbringing so I've really never felt a need for a relationship with God. But by watching EWTN, I see people who would say that God is the most important person in their life. Can Richard or Marcus comment on why some put such emphasis on a God we can't see or prove? This video includes the program sign-off. 6 Min