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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

PROLIFE; The Culture of Life vs The Culture of Death

This section of pages will present the facts, truth, consequences of life choices according to personal testimony of victims who survived and counselors who helped them through the various stages of pain, anxiety, depression, sleepless nights, loneliness, despair and their recovery to begin anew.

We emphasize the 2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy wherein Pope Francis designated priests to provide the process of reconciliation; to enable victims to hit the reset button; to live in the peace and joy of Christ. Jesus wants to pour out His Divine Mercy on those who seek Him.

The following underlined names below, are guests from various 30-60 minute programs aired mostly on EWTN Global Catholic Network via TV, Radio, Internet, Cyberspace and Print 24/7. Simply left click on an underlined name and you will see the page that list the multiple mini-clips that comprise that complete episode. Mini-clips are generally 1-5 minutes in length; sufficient to provide coherent messages. View each clip in sequence, one at a time, and you will have viewed the entire program, without commercials. It will also give you an optional URL to view the complete 30-60 minute episode without interruption.

The clips are available to you, without charge, to share and forward to your social networks via your mobile devices. The clips are "bite-size" portions, easy to digest or plant a seed (sound bites). Just copy the URL(s) you desire and send to your contacts. In sharing, you will be evangelizing, learning and spreading the good news with your loved ones to have better, productive, peaceful and more faith-filled lives! 

Also, if you want to receive any of the clips in a different format than the current Windows Media Video format, email us and indicate the format you prefer and we may be able to accommodate your request.


Date Aired




Vulnerable; Euthanasia



At Home With Jim and Joy...


More videos will be forthcoming within the next two weeks. Please check back!