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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

JH & CCH Testimonials/Q & A:

Beginning with this page you will see a listing below of guests who have given testimony on prior Journey Home (JH) and Catholics Come Home (CCH) episodes regarding their journeys to conversion or reversion (returning) into the Catholic faith.

To see/hear the testimony for any guest(s), left click on the underlined portion of the guest name and you will be linked with that page. The page will show either MP3 audio tracks that are available for listening and downloading or URLs for video to view or download (left click on a specific URL and you will automatically be linked to "youtube" for that video clip).

Host, Marcus Grodi, and guests share testimonies about how they found fullness of faith through searching for the truth. More guests will be continually added. If available guests' own websites are displayed on their individual pages so you may pursue additional information directly at their websites.

For MP3 audio, each track on following pages begin with last name of the specific guest. The name followed with Q/A, indicates that it was a question directed to the guest. Answers are given by the guest and may be expanded on by the host.

If there is no Q/A in the title, then the track is a portion of the guest's testimony. The remainder of the track's title indicates the topic or subject of the question or testimony.

To listen to any track, simply place the cursur on the track desired and left click the mouse. Next left click on "Open" to listen or "Save" to download for later use. It may take 20-40 seconds for your PC player to begin playing the audio.

For video, each track (URL) will be preceeded by the topic or question for that video clip. Left clicking on the blue colored underlined URL, will link you automatically to youtube and the video will begin playing within seconds. The length of viewing time is displayed in black-colored text at the end of the url. Names are listed alphabetically within their grouping by Prior Faith Affiliation. Color coding is for ease of identification.


Date Aired

Prior Faith Affiliation

Index #


Presbyterian, Divinity BA


Presbyterian Minister


Presbyterian, Calvinism

Bowes, Peggy


Catholic Revert


Catholic Revert


Pentecostal co-Pastors




Church of Christ, Fundamental

Matthews, Michael


Fundamental Baptist Minister


Secularist To Catholic


Methodist, Charismatic, etc.

Following are people who found Catholicism for the first time or who left the Church, and returned after seeing video testimonies of converts produced by Catholics Come Home(CCH) for TV by Host, Tom Pederson who is Founder/President of CCH. His faith journey below was shared with Marcus Grodi on JH 01/12/09.