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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?


Crossing the Goal!

Use your athletic skills, interest and desire for happiness, by not only rooting for your favorite team but for your Lord and Savior! This youthful panel discusses their development for faith fitness and sharing it with others in concepts and terminology of TEAM physical fitness.

Think: Game Plan, Red Zone, End Zone! Just as it’s a physical and mental battle on the field; it’s also a spiritual and mental battle in spiritual warfare. Just as in sports, it’s a marathon and you have to build endurance and be ‘Battle Ready’ to persistently engage and win.

Their teachers include former pro players such as Danny Abramowitz, former All Pro NFL wide receiver and coach; Peter Herbeck, VP of Renewal Ministries; Curtis Martin, Founder and President of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students); and Brian Patrick Host of EWTN Radio “Morning Glory” Talk Program.

While these Pros have appeared in many TV episodes of “Crossing the Goal” series on EWTN Global Catholic Network, they have also developed many teams of youth and young adults to go out and help others to build their Spiritual Fitness using the formulas and strategies that develop Physical Fitness. In these 7 short video clips, their students are now the teachers. Join in their development.

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Crossing the Goal-EWTN-070717-Winning; C1-Intro-2min-wmv9hq 

Crossing the Goal-EWTN-070717-Winning; C2-The Game Plan-6min

Crossing the Goal-EWTN-070717-Winning; C3a-The Red Zone-Are You A Winner-3min

Crossing the Goal-EWTN-070717-Winning; C3b-The Red Zone-Help Others Win-4min

Crossing the Goal-EWTN-070717-Winning; C3c-The Red Zone-Spirit Will Empower You-3.3min

Crossing the Goal-EWTN-070717-Winning; C4-The End Zone-4min

Crossing the Goal-EWTN-070717-Winning; 5C-Coaching Zone-Build your own Team-1min

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