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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

Dion DiMucci (Dion & Belmonts fame) Talks TRUTH!

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Legend, Dion DiMucci started his career as Dion & The Belmonts and later became a solo act who sang about himself and his buddies in his hit songs such as "The Wanderer" as he "roamed from town to town" (and church to church) while becoming famous and wealthy but negatively impacted by the alcohol and drugs that often accompany overnight fame. He shares his career & faith re-conversion story with Raymond Arroyo on The World Over program on EWTN Global Media Network. There are also 4 half-hour episodes (interviews) from Women of Grace which airs Mon-Fri on EWTN. Host, Johnette Benkovic cover many aspects of his remarkable faith and family journey. See other related videos at and  

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His Testimony With Raymond Arroyo On "World Over". 

1st Episode of Testimony on Women of Grace

2nd Episode of Testimony on Women of Grace

3rd Episode of Testimony on Women of Grace

4th Episode of Tesimony on Women of Grace